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GENIS is a biotechnology company headquartered in Siglufjörður, Iceland. We strive to discover, develop and commercialize novel and life changing products, supplements and medical devices derived from crustacean exoskeletons. The GENIS team has been developing cutting edge research on the production of chitin, chitosan and short chain chitosan for two decades. Our mission is to leverage this accumulated body of world class scientific research with the intent of providing life altering benefits for individuals.


Our production is supervised by a team of experienced professionals. All of our production processes are designed to ensure the highest product quality and are based on GMP standards. Our policy when it comes to production is to deliver greater value to the local society with less input, using resources in a sustainable way while minimizing environmental impact.


Applying cutting edge material and biological sciences in research and development is the driving force of GENIS. The main effort of our team of scientists is on the utility of aminosugars for human health. In-house product development goes hand in hand with functional testing which is in part outsourced to universities and contract research organizations.


Key personnel

Róbert Guðfinnsson
Chief Executive Officer
(+354) 891-9666


Jóhannes Gíslason PhD
IP and Development Manager
(+354) 899-0256


Jón Garðar Steingrímsson MSc
Chief Operating Officer
(+354) 511-2881


Jón M. Einarsson PhD
Senior Scientist & Project Manager
(+354) 899-0267


Ng Chuen How PhD
Senior Scientist & Project Manager
(+354) 695-2136


Sigrún Þórleifsdóttir MSc
Head of quality control
(+354) 820-3186


Unnur Magnúsdóttir MSc
Research Scientist
(+354) 697-6637


Ingibjörg Guðlaug Jónsdóttir MSc
Human resource manager
(+354) 699-2668







NSA Ventures is a leading Icelandic venture fund that invests in seed and start-up companies with high growth potential. The fund focuses on finding opportunities with the potential to grow profitably in the international market. NSA Ventures currently holds a 10.1% stake in GENIS.

Vor Ltd is a privately held holding company that has been a shareholder in GENIS since the company´s inception in 2005. Vor Ltd is currently the majority shareholder with a 89.9% stake in the company.