Pioneering the Development of Therapeutic Chitin Derivatives


Icelandic Biotechnology Company

Genis is an Icelandic biotechnology company founded in 2005 in the Arctic town of Siglufjordur.

Genis is pioneering the development and application of therapeutic chitin derivatives.

At the heart of the chitin derivatives value proposition is:

The therapeutic ability of chitooligosaccharides (ChOS) to combat multiple inflammatory disorders

The regenerative and osteoinductive properties of our proprietary ChitoBiomer, to be harnessed through development of novel implants promoting bone tissue formation

A microscopic view of interconnected blue cellular structures or bubbles on a white background, resembling a network or cluster of cells or molecules.
Inflammatory Diseases

Effective Therapeutic Solutions

Genis’ goal is to address an unmet need by providing effective therapeutic solutions across a number of inflammatory diseases, as well as developing potent orthobiologic applications based on the osteoinductive and anti-bacterial properties of ChitoBiomer.

A man with his back turned to the camera, reaching behind to touch his neck and upper back area, which is highlighted in red, indicating pain or discomfort.

Genis Leverages its Science Across 3 Product Platforms

Pharmaceutical Development

Novel API development with focus on Rheumatoid arthritis, COPD & Asthma

Tissue Regeneration

Orthobiologic medical devices including 3D-printed bone implants and bioactive coating

Dietary Supplements

Human and Animal application

Company History

Genis was established to innovate, develop and manufacture novel chitin derivative products obtained by modifying chitin from shrimp shell. Throughout the last two decades, Genis has invested approx. $40M USD in research and development. During that time, the Company has made breakthrough discoveries on chitin biology and adopted a robust strategy of protecting intellectual property through both patents and process know-how.

R&D Spend
Scientific Breakthroughs