Supporting an Active Life Across All Ages and Activities

Benecta is one of the most popular, innovative natural food supplements in Iceland.

Derived from short chain chitosan, anecdotal evidence suggests that recommended daily intake can help alleviate many symptoms often associated with getting older such as stiffness, aches, and lethargy.

The 'Benecta effect' is the phrase often used to describe the broad benefits that people experience after taking Benecta, some after as little as a month.

From cyclists to golfers, triathletes to swimmers, dog walkers to skiers, gardeners to windsurfers, Benecta can help support your body as it ages, allowing you to live an active life, regardless of your age.


Advanced Senior Dog Supplement for Optimal Musculoskeletal Support

In cooperation with leading scientists and veterinarians, Genis has developed a unique supplement for senior dogs.

Second Half Plus contains high concentrations of active ingredients of natural origin. The substances are building blocks that support the body’s own repair processes.

Therefore, the application is suitable for all dogs whose musculoskeletal system is exposed to special loads - such as in growth, in old age, during intense sporting activities or following operations.

The chewable tablets are so delicious that they can simply be used as a tasty treat.