Tissue Regeneration

ChitoBiomer – Polymeric chitosan with tissue regenerative properties

Genis has developed a proprietary form of polymeric chitosan (ChitoBiomer) that has properties that make it extremely suitable for biomedical applications.  We have shown that this material has osteoinductive properties, stimulating healthy bone tissue formation, for example at fracture sites or across vertebrae.  

These properties of the material form the basis for several biological applications that utilize these unique properties of the material.

In vivo, the material is partially degraded by naturally occurring chitinases, releasing shorter chain oligosaccharides that have both tissue regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Novel Bone Graft Substitute - BoneReg

The injectable bone graft substitute BoneReg-InjectTM was found to have strong osteogenic and osteoconductive properties in clinical trials performed on sheep tibia, without any adverse effect being observed.

Over time, the bone graft substitute is resorbed with accompanying stimulated bone regeneration that replaces the substitute material.  We have furthermore shown that fibrous tissue formation around the site is minimal, a key feature for successful clinical utility.

Targeted Bone Formation – 3D Printed Scaffolds

Genis has developed three dimensional (3D) bioactive scaffolds that promote bone tissue formation, leveraging our understanding of the tissue regenerative properties of the ChitoBiomer. Using 3D printing techniques, intricate scaffolds of any desired geometric configuration can be generated with high resolution to promote bone tissue regeneration, for example at site of bone fracture or as a substitute for bone or bone fragments.

The combination of the high resolution that 3D printing provides, together with the unique regenerative properties of our proprietary ChitoBiomer, has resulted in  a platform of bioactive scaffolds that combine biological induction of healthy tissue formation and mechanical strength that can be used to replace damaged or missing bone tissue.

Bioactive Implants

Our tissue regeneration program also includes metal implants that are coated with our proprietary ChitoBiomer.  By coating conventional implants with ChitoBiomer, we can deliver bioactive material to the surface of the implants, thereby modulating the host response to the implants through the promotion of healthy tissue formation around the site of implant.  

We believe the unique properties of ChitoBiomer, along with the known antimicrobial function of chitosan, will be instrumental in preventing common issues such as wobbling, fractures and infection around implants.