Genis at a glance

Genis is a biotechnology company founded in 2005 in the Arctic town of Siglufjörður, Iceland.  The Company is pioneering the development and application of therapeutic chitin derivatives.

Revolutionizing Inflammation Treatment and Bone Regeneration

At the heart of our value proposition for chitin derivatives are the therapeutic abilities of certain chitin oligosaccharides to combat inflammatory disorders, as well as the regenerative and osteogenic properties of our proprietary ChitoBiomer to be harnessed following bone fractures and bone surgery.

Throughout the last two decades, Genis has invested approx. $40M USD in research and development.  During that time, the Company has made breakthrough discoveries on chitin biology and adopted a robust strategy of protecting intellectual property through both patents and process know-how.

Genis leverages its expertise across three product platforms: orthobiologics (bone regeneration), pharmaceutical development (novel drug development) and dietary supplements (both human and animal application).  In 2016 the Company launched Benecta®, a leading food supplement in the Icelandic market, and in 2021 its first animal health product was launched in Germany through a licensing agreement with WDT, an economic cooperative of German veterinarians.

Our Story


These milestones highlight Genis' commitment to research, development, intellectual property protection, and successful product launches, positioning the company as a prominent player in the field of chitin derivatives and its applications.


Early discoveries on chitosan application


Genis is founded based on early chitosan finding

2007 - 2010

Therapeutic chitooligosaccharides (ChOS) developed


Anti-arthritic effects of ChOS; Orthobiologic effects on sheep tibia demonstrated


ChOS effects on YKL-40 protein, chondrocytes and stem cells reported


Molecular heparin switch by chitin on YKL-40 established


Launch of Benecta


Herlev clinical study on ChOS blend (SimeCOS) M-Era.Net sponsored research intobioactive coating of implants


Preclinical safety study on SimeCOS


Development of single- chain ChOS molecules; Research grant on 3D- printing of mechanically stable bone implants


Launch of Agil Senior® in Germany; Kappa sponsored research study on ceramic bone implants


$17m new equity funding led byinternationally experienced investors

A microscopic view of interconnected blue cellular structures or bubbles on a white background, resembling a network or cluster of cells or molecules.
Our development

$40M USD In Research and Development

We’ve made breakthrough discoveries on chitin biology and adopted a robust strategy of protecting intellectual property through both patents and process know-how.

R&D Spend

Our Mission

Genis is committed to deliver products that will improve quality of life.

Our goal is to develope and bring to market a suite of products which, based on a solid scientific foundation, can utilize the regenerative mechanisms developed by nature.

Our pride lies in the development of health products that are recommended by patients and preferred by doctors, to bring medical benefits to society and long-term returns to our investors.

Executive Leadership Team

Sigurgeir Gudlaugsson
Chief Executive Officer

20 years of management experience in life science

Former head of Zymetech

Head of Healthcare at Novator, and Global Head of M&A at Actavis Group

Extensive international board experience

Rosa Jonasardottir
Rosa Jonasardottir
Chief Financial Officer

Broad international financial experience

Former Head of Treasury Risk Management at Volvo Cars, Portfolio Manager at Volvo Treasury, and Director of Pension Division at Glitnir Bank

MSc in Finance

Kristbjorg Bjarnadottir, PhD
Kristbjorg Bjarnadottir, PhD
Chief R&D Officer

Experienced research scientist

Former Functional Genomics scientist at deCODE genetics

Several research publications

PhD in immmunology, MSc in

Thorlakur Jonsson, PhD
Thorlakur Jonsson, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer

25+ years of executive and R&D experience

Former Director of IP at deCODE genetics

Evaluation Board Member of the Icelandic Research Council

Patent attorney

PhD in Biological Chemistry

Gudmundur K. Jonsson
Gudmundur K. Jonsson
Chief Commercial Officer

Co-founder of multiple start-ups

Experienced in brand building with strong focus on e-commerce and D2C marketing

Years of experience in managing complex projects as an independent consultant

Board member of Reitir Real Estate Company

Board of Directors

Robert Gudfinnsson
Founder and Chairman

Founder, shareholder, Chairman of the board and former CEO of Genis.

Long-standing experience of developing companies in the aquaculture sector with several successful growth stories as the main shareholder.

Gunnhildur Robertsdottir
Board Member

Computer scientist with background in eDiscovery.

Worked for Siemens AG in Munich for 7 years.

Holds an MSc. Degree in Computer Forensics.

Jon S. Arnason
Board Member

Experienced professional with a history of working in financial services.

Skilled in Business Development and Planning, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Start-ups, Business Intelligence, and Risk Management.

Sigthor Sigmarsson
Board Member

20 year experience in finance, including banking, treasury, private equity and VC.

Educated as Electrical engineer and focused on investments in the field of telecoms, tech and biotech.

Tomas M. Sigurdsson
Board Member

CEO of HS Orka. Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Alcoa worldwide.

Has served on the board of various companies and organizations, including chairman of The Iceland Chamber of Commerce (2009-2012), board member for The Federation of Icelandic Industries (2005-2011) and executive board member for Europe Aluminium, Eurometaux and Business Europe.