Our Novel Chitin Derived Drug Candidates

In recent years a number of studies have shown that targeting the C/CLP system is likely to provide a clinically meaningful response in a variety of diseases, including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and COPD.

Genis has developed a series of short chain chitooligosaccharide (ChOS) molecules derived from natural chitin, processed from North Atlantic shrimp shells. Using a proprietary combination of deacetylation and enzymatic degradation, Genis processes the chitin in a way that favors ChOS lengths of specific therapeutic and clinical interest.


Therapeutic Chitooligosaccharides

Building on the physiological role of the C/CLP system in immunity and disease, Genis is delivering novel APIs that mimic the natural bioavailable binding partners of the C/CLP system. At Genis we are working on the premise that our proprietary ChOS molecules can have disease modifying roles in two mechanistically distinct pathways

1. Direct, non-specific, anti-inflammatory effects through mechanisms downstream of the chitinase cascade

2. Binding CLPs upregulated in pathological inflammation and autoimmunity resulting in amelioration of their proinflammatory and disease enhancing capacities